G9 Laser Mouse Specs and Driver Download

The G9 Laser Mouse is constructed with sophisticated modification innovation so you can tune your computer mouse for your playing design. It includes 2 compatible grips where to pick for your preferred comfort. A 3200 dpi full-speed USB laser engine with adjustable dpi, as well as onboard memory that stores up to 5 computer mouse setting profiles, give you one of the most innovative efficiency. For even more control, the G9’s weight tuning system permits you to add up to 28 grams of additional weight, while the exclusive MicroGear ™ Scroll Wheel allows you switch over in between settings– click-to-click and hyper-fast scrolling. Ultimately, custom-color LEDs allow you tailor the G9 try to find a computer mouse that’s all your very own.

Another instance of this is the DPI changing center. It’s not an advanced attribute by any means, yet it’s perfectly performed. It’s managed through a well positioned rocker behind the left click switch as well as you can change in between as much as 5 DPI presets, with the DPI levels varying from 200 to a substantial 3,200 DPI. This gives you an immense quantity of control, with Logitech’s SetPoint software application allowing you to manage both the variety of presets as well as established the level of sensitivity of each axis individually. It’s a wonderfully sophisticated but equally complicated service, once more highlighting the G9’s convenience.

Adjustable grips might be new to gaming computer mice, but the G9’s redesigned weight system continues to be more or less the very same in principle as that on the G5, with a small twist. The G9 is various because the weight tray slides into the heel of the computer mouse, instead of right into a bay near the bottom as with the G5. Logitech conceived this brand-new layout and the new, parallelogram-shaped weights themselves to make you seem like you’re loading a clip into a hand gun. It’s less gratifying than it seems, and even irritating because the detachable grasp item currently blocks accessibility to the weight slot. That makes altering the weights a multistep process, furthering our irritation at requiring two hands to eliminate the grasp.

G9 Laser Mouse Specs:

  • Link Type; Corded USB
  • USB Type; Complete Rate USB 2.0
  • USB VID_PID; VID_046D & PID_C048.
  • Sensing Unit Type; Invisible Laser.
  • DPI Setups; 200 to 3200 with software (5 Setups).
  • DPI Settings Buttons; Minus (-), Plus (+).
  • DPI LED Color; Switchable.
  • Onward/ Back Buttons; Ahead, Back.
  • Account Button; Yes (situated on the bottom).
  • FreeSpin/ Cog Setting; Setting Shift Button.
  • USB Report Rate; 500 reports per 2nd out-of-box.
    125 to 1000 reports per 2nd flexible with software program.
  • Tuning Weights; Approximately 28 grams.
  • Onboard Memory; Yes.
  • Accounts (Max); 5 with Hardware (Onboard Memory), 30 with Software application.
  • Indicator Lights (LED); Power, DPI Setups.
  • Cable Length; 2.015 meters or 6.61 feet (Knotted).
Logitech Gaming Software 9.02.65 Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 64-bit
Logitech Gaming Software 9.02.65 Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 32-bit
Logitech Gaming Software macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13,macOS 10.12
Logitech Gaming Software (Mac) Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13

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