Logitech COMFORT KEYBOARD K290 Specs and Driver Download

Typing really feels “ideal” for big hands and little hands alike. Kind pleasantly and quietly. Kind quickly and also accurately. Type for as much as 10 million keystrokes. The Logitech Convenience Keyboard K290 is sleek, spacious as well as made to make keying pleasurable for everybody in the family members.

The key-board has a full-size layout with secrets separated into 3 areas: letters as well as F-keys to the left, navigation keys (arrowheads, Publish Screen, Web Page Up, Page Down, etc.) between, and a number pad to the right. All the secrets are where you expect them to be, so keying is faster and also easier. There is additionally an LED alert centre at the top right of the key-board. When CAPS Lock, SCROLL Lock or NUM Lock is allowed, the sign light comes to be noticeable.

Logitech COMFORT KEYBOARD K290 Specs:

  • Key-board layout: full-size with separate navigation tricks as well as number pad
  • Design: palm rest, low-profile secrets, spill-resistant *.
  • Key life: as much as 10 million keystrokes **.
  • Typing sound:.
  • standard tricks within 47.5 dBA.
  • unique tricks within 52.5 dBA.
  • room bar within 55 dBA.
  • Dimensions:.
  • size: 459 mm (or 18.1 in).
  • size: 182.6 mm (or 7.2 in).
  • height: 20.4 mm (or 0.8 inches).
  • Angle with tilt legs open: 8º.
  • Cord length: 1.7 m (or 5.5 feet).
  • Weight: 930 g (or 32.08 oz).
  • * Examined under limited conditions (optimum of 60 ml fluid spill). Do not submerse keyboard in fluid.
  • ** Tested for all keys.
  • A computer system with a readily available USB port.
  • Web connection for software download.
  • Windows ® 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Panorama ®.

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