As if to alleviate any question, Logitech seems determined to answer this inquiry completely using just the name. As its title suggests this a folio instance with a key-board, while the ‘FabricSkin’ component describes how the keyboard and external covering are splashproof. It’s Logitech’s second attempt at such a case and also it does not come cheap at ₤ 119, but it has a great deal of plusses if you can forget the price.

Logitech has selected a design with the keyboard that is different from many designs for the iPad. The FabricSkin keyboard uses full-size tricks with standard spacing for the main tricks used in message access, aka alphabet secrets, at the cost of smaller secrets for lower used personalities. The little tricks include the leading number row and also some punctuation secrets.

The modified key format matches the previous FabricSkin: the A vital shares its area with Caps Lock, the Tab and also Q tricks are integrated, and colon/semicolon and also various other punctuation secrets are pressed. It’s weird, since the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover does not do this whatsoever. I obtained used to it with time, and the build quality’s still excellent, however it can irritate a lot of individuals. Live with it for a week, and you’ll be great, however if you use any kind of other keyboard (like a COMPUTER, for example), you’ll keep discovering the design change.


  • Connection Type; Wireless
  • Indicator Lights (LED); Power/battery and Bluetooth
  • LCD Display; None
  • Special Keys; iOS keys, Caps Lock, FN
  • Connect / Power; Bluetooth Connect, Re-set pinhole
  • Battery Details; Rechargeable, Size: Proprietary, Quantity: 1, Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Life (rechargeable); Recharge time: Estimated 1.5 hours
  • Discharge time: Up to 3 months when used 2 hours a day
  • Cable Length (Power/Charging); 1.31 feet or 0.4 meters

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