Logitech G613 GAMING KEYBOARD Software Download

Mechanical key-boards have actually expanded from particular niche to mainstream in the previous few years, however only for the corded amongst us. Those who like a wireless keyboard have actually been out of good luck, which is specifically weird offered the push for more living room-friendly peripherals.

With the latest item up for evaluation, we are taking a go back to take a huge leap ahead! By this, we imply to claim that for those that like key-boards with some type of backlighting, this may not be for you … unless! The major drive of this product is not to be the flashiest key-board on the market, however to provide a trustworthy everyday driver with some alternatives for video gaming as well as performance, all while getting rid of the cable. Taking that an action additionally, this certain key-board boasts a life of eighteen months (depending on use) by incorporating a clever shutdown as well as wake system. If the keyboard does not detect task, it closes down swiftly, yet on the other side, any type of press of the keyboard can wake it, and stated keypress is signed up too

Logitech G613 GAMING KEYBOARD Specs:

  • Brand; Logitech
  • Name; G613
  • Model; 920-008386
  • Design Style; Gaming
  • Palm Rest; Yes
  • Mechanical Keyboard; Yes
  • Key Switch Type; Romer-G
  • Keyboard Color; Black
  • Dimensions; 1.30″ x 18.82″ x 8.50″
  • Type; LIGHTSPEED / Bluetooth
  • Mouse Included; No
  • Power Supply; 2 AA Batteries
  • Operating Time; Approx. 18 months, May vary based on user and computing conditions
Logitech Gaming Software (Windows)
Logitech Gaming Software Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 64-bit
Logitech Gaming Software Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 32-bit

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